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About Us

In 2008, a group of watermelon growers from Maryland and Delaware, all with the same goal, decided to join together. Their goal was to bring consumers the highest quality and best tasting watermelons available anywhere. This group would call themselves Coastal Growers.

Their name is a reflection of where they are located, the sandy soils that lie between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, known as the Delmarva Peninsula.

These well drained soils create the ideal conditions for growing watermelons. There are many factors that contribute to great tasting watermelons, and as important as weather and soil may be, experience is one thing that should not be overlooked.

Growing watermelons in Maryland and Delaware is a time honored tradition, one that has been passed down from one generation to the next. The families that make up Coastal Growers take great pride in nurturing the land and are involved in every step of the growing process from cultivation to harvest. Because we grow and pack everything ourselves we know that each load of watermelons we ship has met the highest of standards, after all, our name is on each watermelon.

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